Friday, June 3, 2011

someone's in the kitchen...

I cooked last nite for the first time in a long time. Actually, I baked. It was a cherry/cream cheese pie with 3 tbsps of rum. Cooking is still hard...without Noah at my feet with his bowls and spatulas and jars of spices and measuring cups. The supermarket is still hard too. But I've heard that from lots of mothers. I also made BLT's. I'm bringing the rest of the pie to work today.

These fertility meds are really starting to effect my stomach. I know I can get pregnant again-I just feel it. And I actually think it won't even happen with medical help. We are going to an open house seminar for a private adoption agency on the 23rd. I'm trying to feel in my heart that however we become parents again, it will be because Noah sent that child to us. That was one of the last things we said to him at the funeral home. 'Make lots of friends and if you find a kid that is good for us and it's that kid's turn to come to earth, you send them to Momma and Da"

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