Friday, April 15, 2011

"My, what lovely fallopian tubes you have, Mrs Landis!"

I had a test called an HSG today. They shoot dye into your uterine cavity and if it flows through and out of your fallopian tubes, you're in good shape. I felt physical pain for the first time in a long time today, which I guess is a good thing in a way. It hurt like a sonofabitch!! Like, about to faint hurt.

When I sat down in the waiting room, atop 50+ magazines was an old Family Circle magazine. The cover photograph was a pictureof  pink peonies in a vase. That was a sign from my mother that she was with me. Peonies were her favorite flower. She even had small section of tiles over her kitchen sink that was the prettiest painted pink peony. Hal and I brought her back a Chinese watercolor of a pink peony from this little store in Salem we wandered into. And for her birthday or mother's day one year, I brought her a vase filled with that fake gelatin/water stuff and silk white and pink peonies. I know she's with me when I need her.

Big day at work tomorrow. Kathy Benziger of Benziger wines is coming for a tasting. Very excited to meet her...and taste! I hope I can keep the coughing fits to a minimum.

Stopped for stuffing at Boston Market on my way home from test...not sure why. Wholly disappointing and won't be doing that again.

Had a dream I cut my hair into a bob ...with bangs.

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