Sunday, April 24, 2011

Somewhere in Time...

I opened the glove compartment in my car yesterday, looking for a pen most likely. I had forgotten about Noah's socks. I found two mismatched socks a few months ago under the seat when I was vaccuming out my car. I don't remember what kind of day I was having but I really needed that "sign" that day. Also with the socks was a foam letter "V". I knew that had fallen out of one of Hal's clown bags while moving. But the letter "V" was my favorite to hear Noah say. It was so joyful..."Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!".

So these socks and the "Veee!" are in my glove compartment. Seeing them was like that scene in "Somewhere in Time" when Christopher Reeve accidently sees the penny in his pocket. Seeing that tangible object from the future while he is still in the past throws him into a tailspin and breaks the spell. I slammed the glove compartment shut quickly. I needed to reconcile realities in an instant. Socks are here...Noah is not.

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